Dental implantation is a complex multi-step process, which requires diligence not only on behalf of the dentist conducting the operation, but also the patient themself. Our laboratory created IMPLAVIT in order to minimise the risk of complications and implant failure and maximise its life.

Main effects of IMPLAVIT:
1. It has an anti-microbial and antiseptic effect; prevents infection from attaching to the surgical field (stitches);
2. helps reduce the inflammation process after implantation;
3. speeds up healing of areas after medical intervention; 4. minimises the risk of complications and failure.

IMPLAVIT has been developed with consultations and recommendations by leading German producers of dental implants.
IMPLAVIT has been tested multiple times by the most well known German dental surgeons and dentists and is now recommended for use in all cases after dental implantation.

Apply IMPLAVIT from the first or second day (according to doctors’ recommendation) after implantation until stitches (if any) are removed and in some cases for another week after the removal of stitches. Spray directly onto the implant. If needed, spray throughout oral cavity. Do not swallow. Spit after 1-2 minutes. Do not rinse mouth after application.

IMPLAVIT can also be used after any dental interventions requiring healing of gums and maintaining hygiene of the oral cavity.

Strictly follow doctor’s instructions including any instructions on hygiene maintenance and taking care of oral cavity at various periods after implantation.

Spray, 100 ml

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